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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Celebration Saturday

Happy Saturday one and all! It's a lovely day here at home, slightly cloudy but warm, kinda cosy feeling you know... It's a special day for two of our close friends, Heinrich and Mandy, who are getting married today!!!!! Congratulations you two, may you have only love and joy from this day on...

On another note, I am preparing a photo tutorial for tomorrow's post: How to fold an Origami Bird. It's a fun project that I have used often to distract my kids when they were small, as this little bird can flap it's wings when you pull it's tail! It's also an nice quick easy project that you can use to decorate a gift, make a hanging baby mobile, stick onto a handmade card etc... you just have to use your imagination :)

The above pics are from home...a gorgeous blue-purple rose that grows in my garden (Rhapsody in Blue), and one of my favourite wooden, carved and gilded vases (you have a leakproof pot inside ;) ), that always looks gorgeous with roses... small things that make me happy...

And now for a new thing... I am going to include a "word of the day" in most posts, something that I always enjoy, learning the meaning of a word I may not often come across :)

Word Of The Day


an adjective meaning:

1. Expressing a request

2. Non binding, only the expression of a request or wish

I am off to celebrate at the wedding...have a wonderful Saturday!
Lots of Love,
Heidi :)

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