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Friday, March 4, 2011

Share your Project

Kaffe's Brilliance

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a really busy week and I have just not had the time to blog.... :(

Adorable Hippo Ballerina Pincushion

However, I have been working on a secret project which will be out next week! It has been a challenge getting it just right, but I am mighty pleased with the progress so far. I think you will all love this little item :)

Gorgeous Sewing Projects for kids

Miss Ellie Pincushion

I went to Hobby-Ex yesterday with my friend Dana. Hobby-Ex is an huge Expo, with all kinds of things related to hobbies on display. You will find everything from woodworking equipment to yarn. I managed to buy some gorgeous books at next to nothing prices, and also bought some cute pincushion kits. When I will have the time to actually make them , is another thing, but they were so adorable, I couldn't resist...

Kaffe again

Debbie Bliss bliss...

So all in all a good week... :) It's also Friday, so that means it is Project Share Day! Please upload your WIP/FOs for everyone to see... Thank you to all who have submitted projects in the last couple of weeks... :)

Have a great weekend!


Linda said...

Have an awesome weekend my friend!
xo xo

eli said...

hey, im eli from germany. nice blog.

see you eli

Baa-Me Kniits said...

You picked up some nice things, especially the books :-)