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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Absence recap...

Hellooooo friends....yes, it has been long! The last two months have been a very busy time (thankfully almost all good :) ), and I have sadly neglected my blogging duty... there have been so many happenings and travels (and a serious absence of 3G coverage in some places!), that blogging went to lie quietly in the corner and hibernated for the winter...in addition , renovations in two places, a set of exams, two trips, the Soccer World Cup, The Tour de France, school holidays....the list goes on! Today's post will be a quick photo overview of the last two months activities :)

Straight after the school holidays here in SA started, we flew to London for a week, to finalise our GMC registration, which thankfully went well, so if all else fails at least Mr P and I can work in the UK :) We stayed with our dear, dear friend Pete in Kensington, and (coming from cold, cold South Africa), summer in London was almost tropical! Our girls enjoyed seeing little Joshua (who is a seriously adorable child...we are godparents and besotted with the little fellow!), and of course...couldn't resist a visit to Hamleys...(with an all too enthusiastic dad in tow...wonder who enjoyed it more?) They had recently seen Sherlock Holmes (with the equally adorable (if that is the right word...I can certainly think of other , perhaps more appropriate adjectives... ;) ) Robert Downey Junior), so of course a quick trip to Madame Tussauds, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum also happened.

We had a wonderful time in London, loved seeing our friends and shopping, sight-seeing...I paid a very happy visit to Liberty, and was overjoyed to see that their Rowan yarns were at half price, so I bought 3 suitcase loads of Milk Cotton...I mean what is a girl to do? I squeezed yarn into everyone's suitcases, until I thought they would all be over the weight limit :0

After returning from London, we went down to the Wild Coast, where we had been doing some additions to our house. It has been a bit rocky, but I am very pleased with how everything turned out. It must be said however, that I never want to do any kind of building , ever again! Not for the faint-hearted...

Well, a whirlwind tour of the holidays...more to follow...
Have a wonderful evening friends!
Lots of Love
Heidi :)