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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Think Outside the Sox"... and a winner!

Hello friends...
It's been quite a weekend...I am sorry for the absence (did you miss me a little? :) )...sometimes things work against the best laid plans...

Firstly, the winner of the giveaway is...ta da!.... ♥ LORI ♥ ....... Yay! Please Lori send me an email with your postal address, and I will get your little parcel off to you asap! Thank you to all who became followers!

The renovations are proceeding.., uhmmm... well...yes, proceeding! I hit a major wobbly on Tuesday morning when I discovered the carnage in the cottage. Um, back-up a bit, let me explain....we have a lovely "cottage ", which used to act as my photographic studio, but now really functions as a venue for our girl's birthday parties, and during these renovations ...the DUMP! The builders took everything from the areas in the house we are renovating, and dumped it in a huge dusty, disorganized pile in the cottage!!!! Argghhhhh!!!!!!!!!! So, I had a heartfelt chat with the builder...and he has moved heaven and earth to try and make it possible for us to get our lounge back by the weekend...

On another note, I received a book in the post, which made my heart do a happy dance!

It's an awesome book about knitting .....SOCKS! I have a lot of knitting books about socks, but this is one of the best The Knitter's Magazine held a sock competition...and received 296 pairs of socks from all over the world. They then decided to publish a book with patterns for the best designs they received (and boy, let me tell you...it is fabulous!).

I think the thing that makes me so happy is that the authors and designers have included detailed instructions on so many new techniques and approaches to sock making...all of the included patterns are worth knitting...I've just included pics of some of them :)

By far though, my favourites are the leopard print socks and the lovely green and red flowery, tapestry like socks! Love them...love them...love them!

It's made me want to do a post on sock knitting...is that something you wonderful followers would like? Sometimes I have too many ideas and plans, and don't get to all of them as soon as I would like, but socks and gloves are gonna have to be at the top of the list....

BTW, the book is called "Think Outside the Sox" ISBN: 978-193306418-5. Lovely stuff....

I am sure you've noticed the blog makeover...I needed a change...after all...Home renovations ...Blog renovations! What do you all think? Like it?

I am off to see what the builders are up to ☺

Lots of Love,
Heidi :)


Erica said...

Those stained-glass looking tapestry socks make me want to learn to knit - they are AMAZINGLY lovely!

K said...

The book looks like great fun. I pause, though, at the thought of socks. I think of how quickly I wear them out, and of all the work that goes into them, and how I would love and adore any of these patterns, and then not want to wear them after -

I think, instead, I'm going to knit a pig - I almost never wear those out.

Lori said...

Wow, I have to learn to knit me some sox. I just love your patterns. I'm hoping im the only "Lori" out there, cause i sure am happy right now. I've been in the hospital for the last couple of days and not sure how long im here for this time, So this is a nice surpise.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Heidi said...

Hi Lori,
Just wanted to say, I have sent off your parcel yesterday...please let me know when it has arrived safely :)
Hope you are feeling much better!