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Monday, May 10, 2010

Cr♥chet Happiness...

Hello friends!

Last week was H♥ppy Crochet week, as I received so many lovely things in the mail :) Yay!!!
The uber talented Katherine Kowalski, hand crafted these beautiful wooden crochet hooks. The darker one is made of Cocobolo Rosewood and is set with a Pink Tourmaline. The lighter hook is made of Tulipwood Rosewood and is set with a diamond :) They are so beautifully turned and smoothed down, they are a pleasure to work with! Thank you Katherine :)

The other bright and happy hooks I bought from Jenn Edwards lovely Etsy shop. The handles are covered in lovely polymer clay flowers, all handcrafted by Jenn.

I have been a busy little bee, crocheting these little circles for a hexagon blanket. I have got to use up some of my ever expanding stash of yarns...for these bright happy's I have used Rowan's Handkit Cotton, which although expensive, is a dream to work with.

I need to make 300 hexagons...I am about 30% of the way...

The blanket will live across the TV room sofa, and hopefully (when time stretchhhhes for me), will be joined by several equally bright cushions and ottomans :)

Last week also saw the arrival of my little Victorian Crochet box, filled with original bone crochet hooks of all sizes, as well as small notions, sewing threads, a pair of (still functional!), scissors only to mention a few. I bought it on eBay and am mightily pleased with it...I so do love old things...
Last week also saw major upheaval in our house...we are re-installing a huge security system, and fixing the leaks in the roof (which we are replacing in full)....all in all : not fun!
However: a good week awaits...our knitting group is meeting on Wednesday!
Chat tomorrow,
Lots of Love,
Heidi :)


Julie said...

What happy design and colors on your hooks and the circles you've been working on! Instant cheer! I love your storage box, too. :)

Linda said...

Dear Heidi
Your crochet hooks are amazing! So very beautiful! Your colourful circles are so pretty and happy:)
And that Victorian Crochet Box, Oh My Word, now that is beautiful!! You will have to bring it to knitting group on Wednesday, I have to see it:)

Unknown said...

OH. MY. WORD...... am I ever envious! Look at those hooks, I need to see them in person on Wednesday in your beautiful Victorian box :)

S said...

oohh diamonds and other beautiful things. I love mail! nice to see you back :)