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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Magic Loop 'ed Seamless Fair Isle Teddy Bear

Happy Tuesday everyone!

A little peek at my little Fair Isle bear wip...
His body and arm are pictured below. I wanted to see if I could design and knit a teddy bear without ANY seaming up at all... He is a work in progress, but developing nicely :)

I have knitted the body completely on a magic loop, in one piece, and when it was nearly done, stuffed it with a lovely merino fleece, and cast off the edge at the neck.

The arm is also knitted in one piece, without any seaming up afterwards... the shape is achieved by a graduated increase and decrease in stitches. It is ready to be stuffed and the top edge cast off...

The Fair Isle yarn is a wonderful sock yarn available from my dear friend, Linda's wool shop, and the off white yarn is an alpaca sock yarn from England.
The little bear's leg and foot are also knitted in one from the foot pad up (I picked up stitched from the foot pad, so he has a nice 3D foot and leg)...will post a pic soon :)
Have a good evening, friends!
Lots of Love,
Heidi :)

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Unknown said...

Well, my friend, what can I say... you are so clever, you just amaze me.