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Sunday, January 15, 2012

African Flower Hexagon Tutorial Translated into Danish...and a new pattern!

I want to say a big ♥heart thank you today to Irene Larsen , author of the Danish Blog Min Verden Af ILD http://www.ildverden.blogspot.com/ for the wonderful Danish translation of the African Flower Hexagon Tutorial.

Irene has very kindly translated each step into Danish and I will be updating the original post with the translation during this evening. I am pretty "chuffed" (a very South African colloquial expression indicating happiness and satisfaction :) ) with the idea of having different translations for people across the world...if everyone on earth crocheted we would all be at peace, see...so all of us crochet fanatics are actually spreading world peace :D

Please would all of you who have used and learned (or will use and learn) from this translation, go over to Irene's blog and give her a big "Thank you" crochet Love!

Some news...remember my tutorial on how to do a Magic Ring start for crocheting a round-like motif? Well, I am pleased to present a new pattern for a flower hexagon...I am calling it a "The Happy Hexagon" Pattern and will post a tutorial next week some time...keep a watch out for it folks, if you love hexagons like I do and love flowers (like I do :) )!

It's Sunday night, so tomorrow a new week starts...you all deserve some energy for the coming tasks, so go and have a big slab of chocolate right now...it's good for you ;)



Dawn said...

This is so wonderful for you -- and for the rest of us who enjoy and are soooooo inspired by your beautiful projects & creativity and your willingness to share through your tutorials!

Ellen Kathrine said...

Dear Heidi!
Thank you for inspiring us with your lovely colours- I just want to tell you that an other danish version of the african flower is on my blog. A collegue asked me when she saw my blanket about a translation- and then I realised that I actully have changed a bit in the pattern- but anyway its still very much alike :-)but you can take a look at it her: http://enafdagene.blogspot.com/search/label/african%20flower

Pamela said...

I have enjoyed your AF Hexagon pattern very much and I look forward to this new one. Thank you very much!

Saskia said...

Very nice Heidi!

Unknown said...

Ooooooooo Heidi, a new hexagon pattern....yay!!! Can't wait cos it looks GORGEOUS!!! Brain is going mad with ideas.... Hope your week is good. love&hugs xx ps don't you love the word chuffed? I do.

Pam - said...

Heidi, I'm so excited about your new flower hexi! I'm pinning it as we speak! Looking forward to your tutorial!

Mari Nieves said...

Estoy deseando verlo!! Me encanta tu blog! Besos

Perla Aldape said...

Heidi, thanks a lot for sharing your proyects, they are very nice. i love your african flower.

Perla Aldape said...


Unknown said...

First, thank you sooooooo very much for sharing your African Flower Hexagon Tutorial... I'm sure I speak for many other crocheters saying WE LOVE IT!!! And greatly appreciated all you do & for sharing your talent with us!
I was wondering if you ever released the pattern for the "The Happy Hexagon" I can't seem to find it on your blog & I'm in love with it lol... I'll look in your ravelry shop now as I'm heading there anyways to get the pony pattern ♥ THANK YOU!!!!