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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

African Flower Pentagon Tutorial

Hi everyone,
Well, I have been very pleased and thankful for all the wonderful kind comments I have received since I posted about Lollo Bear Pattern last night! Thank you to every person who commented and visited, and of course appreciation and thanks to all who bought a copy of the pattern!

One omission on my part, was to leave out a tutorial on how to crochet an African Flower Pentagon. I assumed (and we all know what that does...), that if you were familiar with the hexagon, you would be able to crochet the pentagon... I am really sorry folks! I should have done a tutorial, and so here it is.

Essentially the pentagon and hexagon are crocheted in the same way, except that you make 5 petals instead of 6. You just crochet one repeat per round less, and the stitches remain the same. That being said, I have put together a quick pictorial on crocheting the pentagon, in the hopes that it will help those crocheters who are making Lollo :) I have made one or two small modifications for ease of crocheting.

African Flower Pentagon Tutorial

Chain 5, and join to the first chain via a slip stitch (represented by the round dot). This forms your ring.

Chain 3. Dc into the center of the ring.
Chain 1.
* 2dc into the ring, chain 1, repeat from * 3 more times.

Slip stitch into the third chain to close your round. Round 1 completed.

Now Slip Stitch into the next along chain space as seen above. If you are making Lollo, now is the time to change yarn colour.

Chain 3. Dc into the same chain space. Chain 1. 2dc into same space. Moving along to the next chain space of Round 1, crochet 2dc, chain 1, 2dc. Move to the next along chain space of Round 1, and repeat the 2dc, chain1, 2dc as before. Continue crocheting around the motif, until you have reached the end of the round. Slip Stitch to the third chain to close the round. Round 2 completed.

Now slip stitch to the next along chain space. This sets your hook up for the 7dc repeats of Round 3.
Chain 3. 6dc into the same space. Move along to the next chain space along of Round 2, and crochet 7dc into that chain space. Move to the next along chain space of Round 2 and crochet 7dc as before. Continue in this way around your motif until you have reached the end of the round. Slip stitch to the third chain to close your round.
Round 3 completed.

Join a new colour yarn. Just as you would for the African Flower Hexagon, crochet 7sc (one into each consecutive stitch of Round 3), and 1LONG dc into Round 2 below. Repeat all along the motif, until you have reached the end of the round. Slip stitch into the first sc and change yarn colour. Round 4 completed.

You need to make one round more, Round 5 (which in Lollo Bear Pattern is the cream colored yarn round). Remember that when you are joining motifs for Lollo, you need to crochet Round 5 as-you-join! I have illustrated one 9dc repeat as seen above, to show you that you still end up with the correct amount of stitches for joining, even though the motif is a pentagon :)

I hope that this helps, and please send me an email if you are having difficulty with Lollo's pattern :)

Have a good evening folks!


Petunia Pill said...

Thank you for this! I posed my question not because I couldn't figure it out, but just wanted to be certain there were no hidden surprises with the pentagon. You're a sweetheart for doing this so quickly! Hugs, Annette

Unknown said...

New follower, old crocheter. This has moved right to the top of my list of To-do-next. Off to see what else I've been missing here.

Bryndís said...

Thank you for all those great tutorials and wow how your african flower bear is beautiful! I have had a great time browsing trough your blog and will definatly visit you again :) Have a nice day!

MARCELA said...

Es hermoso! gracias por compartirlo está genial.Cariños.

Heidi said...

Hi Petunia Pill,
It's a pleasure! I am grateful that you did ask the question, because it was definitely my bad, to not have included a link before :) I have no doubt that the majority of crocheters (like yourself) would easily crochet the pentagon, but the tutorial may well help a newbie crocheter, and I would really love for even beginners to make a Lollo for themselves! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting everyone :)

Carol said...

Heidi, Thank you so very much for the explanations and diagrams. I am one that has to follow a pattern with diagrams but sometimes (as I'm new at crocheting) I need a little help, which you do fantastically. I fell in love with Lollo and hope to be able to make it one day for my grand daughter due any day now. People like you make crocheting so enjoyable.

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

very nice! I love´t
thanks you
hugs from Chile

Jane said...

saw your bear via petunia pills blog, i have been looking for a new crochet project as i have just finished my first one in years , your bear is so lovely I have to have one of my own and I just bought some lovely fluffy pink wool so here goes thanks for posting this

K said...

I hope you appreciate the fact that it takes an unusually clear and methodical mind to produce the kind of tutorials you do. And that the pairing of creativity and original design with such a mind is a rare pairing indeed. But I always say the same thing to you =

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the new pattern - using your super clear instructions as a guide I actually worked out an Octagon version - I've posted a pic on my blog (with links back to you of course!) Thanks for all the inspiration!!x

Joseph P. said...

Fun pattern. Thanks for the tutorial! I will save it to do later! thanks for sharing

Kitchen Benchtops

Mania said...

I found your blog and I liked it very much!! Your work is fantastic!! I will follow you!! Thanks for the tutorial!! Best regards from Greece!!

Unknown said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful , but I have to ask can a beginner do this??

Up_for_discussion said...

Hi there. Your my first blog I'm following, I'm very new to the blogging world. I am a beginner crocheter and love to do it. Your blog is beautiful and so are your crocheted socks and animals! Thank you. Hope you are well.