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Monday, September 19, 2011

Some yarn dyeing happiness...and Pinterest!

During the weekend I had a sudden need to dye up some yarn. It may have had something to do with the fact that there are several metric tonnes of un-dyed yarn sitting in my yarn room...looking lost and forlorn (never mind like someone had yarn-bombed the place), so in the interests of making the yarn happy again, I threw open the cupboards and started dyeing!

Dyeing yarn is a very self satisfying activity, I'll have you know...once smitten, all is lost. I actually owe my friend Dana a great big, fat chocolate cake for teaching me to dye both animal and plant based fibres. If you haven't tried it, and would like to learn the easy way, check out Dana's tutorial here.

*(if you're wondering why the skeins above are so huge...they're 200g skeins :) )

On a different note...folks, you have to check out Pinterest! It's site that allows you to "pin" photos/things of interest that you have seen on the net, onto your virtual pinboard. It's really easy to use, fantastic for sharing and you can do this all for free :D Just like Twitter, you can follow people whose pins you find interesting/inspiring etc, as well as create awareness for your blog/website. You can add the Pinterest Follow Button to your site (as I have done...*cough*, er...um...hint..*cough*...) and also add the " Pin It" button to blog posts, photos etc. Go here to open your account, and let's share... :D. Here is a very helpful overview of how Pinterest works...

I am adding stuff as I find it...I'll also add ideas for Heartmade Gifts :)

How's your list going? Have you started? Are you inspired?



HaakKamer7 said...

Wow, beautiful colored yarn! Once I have time left ;-) I will try it. Thank you for the link.

And yes, I'm also addicted to Pinterest. Now I have about 600 pins. I'm following you :-)

Unknown said...

I'm all about Pinterest. Off to find you over there too.

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to Pinterest! I'm now following your crochet board... the hint worked :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to Pinterest! I'm now following your crochet board... the hint worked :-)

Sue said...

Your dyeing is fabulous. Pinterest is rather addictive, isn't it?

Sue said...

Those yarns are fabulous colours!
I'm on pinterest I love it, it's like having all your favourite magazines and books in the same space, gorgeous! I'm off to have a little peek at yours ♥

Unknown said...

Oh Heidi!! Please tell me that Dana's tutorial will tell me how to get colors as intense as yours on your yarn...I've been hunting all over trying to learn how to get very intense colors.

What is your source for 200g hanks of undyed your??

Thank you so much!

SassySean on Ravelry