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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Super Easy Pillow Case with Crocheted Edging

I have been working up a storm since Gerry has been away. Not having to go to work certainly has it's merits ;) I have made my first inroads into my Heartmade List! I am going to make 7 pretty pillowcases with crocheted trims for my older daughter. It's a nice gift for a teenage girl as I like the idea of her having a new, clean pillowcase for every night of the week. I learned of this from a friend, when I was still studying, who was prone to breakouts and said that changing her pillow case every day (obviously in addition to other interventions ;) ), made a big difference to her skin. Whether or not this is a case of the placebo effect rearing it's pretty head, I am going to make them for my girl (who thankfully has lovely skin, but, you know...still the thought that counts...) anyway...

This has got to be the easiest and quickest pillowcase imaginable. It is made from one piece of fabric and only has 4 straight sewn seams and two overlocked edges. Took all of 15 minutes for me to make...

In SA, the standard size pillowcase is 70cm X 45cm. You may need to adjust your measurements according to the size of your pillows...

Cut a piece of fabric (100% cotton), 176cm x 47cm.

Now iron a 1cm fold on both short edges. Make sure you iron the fabric with the wrong side of the fabric facing you. This will ensure that the fold you iron, as shown above, has the right side facing you. Now fold the same 1cm fold over again, by 1cm, and iron flat again. Do this on both short sides.

Sew a straight seam along the edge of this folded hem.

Sew both folded seams. Iron again.

Place your piece of fabric on your table, with the right side facing you. Bring the left edge over, so that the overlapping fabric area is 70cm wide, as shown above. Make sure that your edges are straight and aligned.

Bring the right hem edge over, all the way across, so that the hem underneath is at the extreme right end of the work.

Pin along the edges, as well as in the middle of your pillowcase (to prevent the fabric layers from shifting while you sew the seams :) )

Sew a 1cm seam along both long edges, reinforcing the small area where the previously sewn hems overlap.

Overlock the same seam edges (or of you don't have an overlocker, just sew a small zigzag along the raw edges). Turn your pillowcase inside out, making sure that the corner points are pointy :)
Iron well.

Now you will add a simple scalloped crocheted edge. In the photo above, you can see the pillowcase opening. The edge that you are going to crochet onto is the bit with the stitching running along it. The other end is a folded edge that surrounds your pillow.

Thread a tapestry needle with the yarn that you are going to use for the crocheted edge. Start at the right hand side of the seamed open edge of the pillowcase. Insert the needle at the very start of the edge, and pull about 2m of thread through. DO NOT CUT the yarn going to the ball of yarn. Just leave it be for now...

Above, you can see the loads of yarn pulled through and piled up.

Insert your needle just to the right of where it previously exited, and work along the inside of the hem, exiting about 1cm to the left. Pull all the yarn though.

Insert the needle in the same place as you previously did, and this time exit 2cm along, as seen above. You are effectively back stitching all along the pillowcase edge.

Pull all extra yarn through. Make sure that you don't pull too hard as the fabric will bunch. The stitch should lie flat along the fabric edge.

Re-insert the needle at the edge of the last back stitch, and work along the hem and exit 2cm to the left again. Pull all the extra yarn through.

You have made two back stitches.

Repeat this all along the edge of your pillowcase.

Make a small double stitch to anchor the yarn, and cut.

Go back to the beginning, where you have a working yarn still attached to the ball.
I have used a 2.0mm crochet hook for this edge, but obviously you can adapt to whatever edging you want to crochet.

Make 4 sc into each 1cm thread space...do this all along the edge. Above you can see that I have reached the end of the edge.

Turn your work, chain 1, and make sc into each of the previous rows' stitches...again there will be 4sc in each thread "space".

Above you can see that I have finished the second row of sc, and have turned my work around, ready to start the scalloped edging.

Make 1 dc into the space between sc 2 and sc 3 of the previous row...this lies in the middle of each 4sc repeat.

Make a second dc into the same space.

Now make 1 treble crochet stitch into the same space.

Crochet two more dc into the same space...one scallop complete.

Next make one sc into the space between 4sc repeats of the FIRST ROW.

Make 2dc, trc, 2dc in the next along 4sc repeat (always crocheting into the space between sc 2 and sc 3). Make a sc into the first row, as described before. Continue in this manner all along the edge.


At the last scallop, cut yarn, pull through last stitch and tie off. Iron flat.

Ta Da! Your pillowcase is done! Easy peasy...

The pleasure in making this pillowcase is choosing beautiful fabrics...this particular fabric is a Yuwa pure cotton and soft and smooth ...cotton is by far the best fabric for a pillow case...

Enjoy your Sunday folks...


Vanilla said...

That is a great tutorial!!! I never knew how to attach crochet to fabric. it never occured to me to stitch with a needle and then use the loops to crochet!!! Thanks for the idea!!

Carol said...

Excellent tutorial, thank you.
I'm sure your daughter will love her beautiful 'one-a-day' pillowcases.
Carol xx

Sue said...

What a gorgeous pillowcase and what a great idea, one for every day!
Another project to add to my ever growing list!

Astri said...

This is fantastic. I am going to make one. Thanks for the inspiration!

Val said...

Totally gorgeous and lovely clear instructions THANK YOU

Heidi said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the feedback :) and your visits ♥♥♥

Rinachiyya said...

This is so lovely and you used gorgeous material for the pillow case. It looks a lot like my quilting materials from Moda. I bought up nearly all the colors. I certainly will give this a try.
Thank you so very much for your tutorial.

charm said...

I'm havign fun folowing your instructions, I can't help but be inspired with these great stuffs you've shared. They look lovely and desirable. Your choice of color was perfect.Thanks!
Carpet Sunshine Coast

Robbie said...

I make pillowcases similar to this all the time, but will for sure try your spin. GREAT tutorial!

Thank you for sharing your talent,
Robbie Marie :)

Greedy Nan said...

What fun this looks. I might even be able to manage to do it - my crochet skills are a little higher than non-existent.

Greedy Nan said...

Have linked this post to my blog because I like is so-o-o much ...

Bari Jo said...

Hi! This is a wonderful tutorial! I have never seen a pattern for making a pillowcase like this and it looks so easy! I am excited to try the crochet edging. I have been learning to crochet and I think these pillowcases are so pretty. I have a quick question - are the crochet terms done in UK or US terms? Thank you for all the fun tutorials! I have been trying to learn to knit and your tutorials will be so helpful! Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

I've always wondered how this type of edging was done and now,thanks to you,I know andwill try it myself.Thanks again!
Betty Lynn

Unknown said...

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial on putting crochet edging on pillowcases. I have always wondered how to get yarn through fabric,duh....you're so smart!! Thank you again.

Brettsmum said...

Hello and thank you for your blog. I am planning on making these as Christmas gifts utilizing flannel pillowcases. What kind of crochet yarn do you recommend for pillowcases? Cotton, acrylic, wool? What thickness? Looking forward to your response.

Heidi said...

Hi Brettsmum :)
In my humble opinion cotton works best...any 100% fingering weight cotton. You can use a DK thickness but then the edge will be bigger ...