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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Internet Woes... : (

Hi everyone,

We are back from Zambia! We had an awesome time...I can't wait to tell you all about it, and post loads of photos! BUT, our main cable has been damaged and therefore all internet access is virtually non-existent.... (I have spent more than an hour on GPRS trying to load ONE photo and it is still busy....), so, please check back, I am not sure when they will have sorted out this problem...

I hope you all had a great weekend, my friends !

Lots of Love,

Heidi :)


K said...

Danged technology - you love it, you need it - and it's so unpredictable. It sounds almost human. So glad you are back safely. I'm in Texas now, sitting with my father. My pictures, if I were to take any, would not be as exciting as yours are going to be. But still - it is good to be here.

Odette said...

Eish, Vodacom! No worries though, it'll be back online soon! Love the picture - how cute is that little thing? Remember that baby hippo smiling in the water at Hippo Hollow?? I still have the picture on my fridge!

K said...

I wrote a comment - I hope it made it to you. I wouldn't have you think for one tiny moment that I'd forgotten you. I'm home from Texas, and so tired, my eyes keep closing all of themselves. I sent my swap to anna, and I'm worried because i haven't heard from her at all, even after direct email. And now my comment doesn't show up here. I'm beginning to wonder if my network has fallen off the grid?

I love the picture of the zebra. And am excited to see the rest. Hoping you are fine. Praying that you are fine.