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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zambia...here we come!

On Thursday we are going to Zambia to see the Victoria Falls... We are celebrating my oldest daughter's 13 th birthday!
It's going to be a wonderful celebration... I will post tomorrow, but then will be gone for the rest of the week, folks...

Au revoir :)
Heidi :)


Julie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and I hope you have a wonderful time! Breath taking photograph!

K said...

No matter how they try to sell it to you - do NOT go over those falls in a barrel. Please. But do have a wonderful trip - exploring a part of the world I will never see. You'll bring back a raft of beautiful photos!! Happy birthday to your baby girl. What an adventure.

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful holiday with your family my friend - I'm looking forward to hearing all about it next week.

Nicole Vangen said...

Wow - that sounds so cool. Happy 13th - I remember loving turning 13.


Val said...

That looks most beautiful
Have a lovely time :0)

S said...

Oh Enjoy! and happiest birthday wishes to your girl.