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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hoo are you?

I found a lovely post on Night Owl Crafting, a random questions about me called "Hoo are you?"
So, in the spirit of sharing, here are my answers... I don't for a moment think that the majority of the readers who travel on this little blogger road of mine, will feel the earth move when reading this post, but, as I said before, there may the odd owl who enjoys a bit of distanced gossip... :)

♥Married♥..... yup! fortunately to my best friend....
My husband's name is Gerry, and we met at a huge general hospital here in Johannesburg, while I was doing my medical internship. Gerry was, at the time, a registrar in Internal Medicine (he was busy with his specialization rotation), and was given the onerous task of supervising my first official forays into the quagmire of patient care.

Of course, the romance blossomed in typical "General Hospital "style ;) , and after approximately 3 months of having been together (around a hundred and twenty hours of working together a week...yes, those were tough days, my friends....), decided that we should get married... Life and exams intervened, and 2 years passed before we eventually got married in 1995. By then , I was also in a specializing post, and although we did have a honeymoon, our lives consisted for a long time, of stumbling from one exam to the next in a kind of round-robin hell.... Thankfully, Gerry's last set of exams took place in 2006, and he is now an Intensivist (this is a doctor, who is a specialist in Intensive Care Medicine).

Although we sometimes drive each other crazy, and are capable of quite spectacular fights (both being somewhat passionate beings...), we are very happily married.

2. What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it?

As noted above, I am a medical doctor by training, but prefer to think of myself as "the accidental tourist".... joking...
Seriously.... my walk through medicine has been interesting, and varied. I spent several years in a specialist training post, but gave birth to my oldest daughter shortly before my final exams, and once she made her presence felt in this world (as opposed to the over-crowded neighbourhood of the liver and the bladder), I couldn't go back to work and leave her with someone else... This resulted in some serious financial difficulties, as Gerry was till working in a government hospital post and earning the odd peanut here and there...
Somehow, though, we managed and I became a stay at home mommy. Best thing I ever did!
Over the years, as the girls started going to nursery school, and then school, I have worked part time in medicine, in a big variety of fields...I have spent some time in HIV medicine, Accident and Emergency medicine, a bit of Aesthetic medicine, and more recently, I am working part time in the ICU with Gerry.

I have also run various small businesses over the years, including embroidery, photography, artist bears design and making, digital scrapbooking, to mention a few. I am very easily bored and find I have to change creative outlets often. The longest lasting crafty type thing that I have stuck to , is knitting, crochet and sewing. I KNIT EVERY DAY FOLKS! Love it...love it....love it!

Other than that, I organize our lives (Gerry has a hectic practice and the admin of running our lives is virtually a full time task...), ferry kids around, do homework, meet with my friends at our knitting group once a week and generally plot and scheme what our next month will hold.

3. In what state do you live? Where were you born and raised?

Born and raised in sweet 'ol Gauteng, in South Africa. (For you folks across the big blue...Gauteng is one of South Africa's provinces /States).

4. Do you have children? If so, how many? If not, do you want them?

Yes! Two daughters aged 10 and 13. We absolutely adore them and probably spoil them far too much....it's a weakness :{ .......

5. Who is your favourite blogger to follow, and why?

Oh man, that's hard! If you take a look at my bloglist , you'll see quite a diversity in terms of type of blogs...I love the knitting and crocheting blogs, and I also enjoy the not so often listed kind of stuff, like the Marginal Revolution, and the Adventure blogs... I love antique jewellery, so I check in daily at The Three Graces :)

There is so much creativity and goodness out there, it's difficult to choose....

Right...so in a nutshell...there it is!

Tomorrow...a tutorial :)

Heidi :)


S said...

Well now I feel like I have really met you! I was married in 1995 too and have a 10 year old daughter. I've spent a bit of time hanging round hospitals too...midwifery for me, tho once apon a million years ago i worked in ER and ICU..not really my cup of tea. Thank goodness for the Heidi and Gerry's of this world.

ale said...

Hi Heidi, here from Argentina is nice to meet you. Your crochet tutorial is fantastic! And it´s nice to know about you and your work and your family.
I´ll be following your blog, my blog is in Spanish but it´s easy to read using the Google translator.

Val said...

Fascinating ...an interesting glimpse of your life.. Thank you

Oldest Daughter has joined a yarn along and linked to your Crochet tutorial here

hope this is Ok ? if not just let me know

K said...

I am glad to have seen a picture of you. Something here has changed. And I am glad to know there is someone else happily married but capable of spectacular differences of opinion.

Darlene said...

Are you ever going to go back to the sock tutorial and finish it? I know it was a while ago and I don't even care if it's with different socks, but I'd sure like to see how you've done your heel - or if you can show several different types of heels that would be ever better.

Thanks for the parts of the sock tutorials that you have posted. The tutorials look REALLY good. I have some people on my sock list that want to start toe-up socks and aren't sure how to do it. These posts looks like they will be VERY helpful to all of us - I've only knitted one pair of socks and it was on DPN's. We're all wanting to do two at a time magic loop. But some of us need more pictures than what we're finding online.

Thanks for your help.

Darlene said...

oops, forgot to sub to the comments so I can see your reply

Heidi said...

Shannon, it's a small world! When I look at the state of our state provided medical care in SA, I shudder and say a thank goodness for people like Gerry... :[

Heidi said...

Hi Ale,
Enchanté! And welcome :)

Heidi said...

Hi Val, always with pleasure...please thank her for me :)

Heidi said...

... you are a darling :) thank you for coming by ...
yes, you have no idea how spectacular...we are both very strong willed (er...should perhaps be ..pig-headed...), and occasionally there have been reports of some minor radiation fallout over Joburg...

Heidi said...

Hi Darlene,
Yes, I will get back to the socks! Hopefully soonish...