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Monday, February 21, 2011

If wishes were horses...

1. Antique Sewing Box

2. Alice in Wonderland inspired pewter cutlery

3. Divine office space

4. Black crocheted shrug

5. Winter mice

6. Gorgeous Cranberry Glass set

7. Filigree Cutlery

8. Antique Pink Etui

9. Crocheted Chess Set


Unknown said...

Awwww the mice are sooooooo cute, and I LOVE them to bits.

Great finds Heidi.

Hopeing you have a wonderfully wonderful day <3 x

Anonymous said...

That Cranberry Dish Set is TO DIE FOR! Thank you for sharing such beautiful finds. :)

Unknown said...

... I'd wish your stable full! Those are all beautiful - I just love the mice :)

Val said...

Love the mice ..they are excellent!

Is that a really a crocheted chess set ...???? :0)

K said...

As I have told you before - you are far more elegant in your taste than I am. Still these treasures are very beautiful to my eye. The mice are my favorites. And tell me, just how much time do you dedicate to running your fingers through the available treasures of the earth? I can't even afford to look - even a little longing is too costly for my heart these days.