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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fabric and Crochet Heart Tutorial: Part 3

Snow over the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. Taken on one of our flights down to the Wild Coast.

Happy Tuesday !

For once I will be able to post a little earlier :) It seems to me on some days, that time has been compressed (it's either an Einstein thing or my middle aged brain needs a service!), because as organised as I am (or at least, try to be!), I find I am always behind on something....

However, today I sorted out quite a lot, including the organising of my daughter's 13th birthday party for this weekend, face-lifted my Etsy shop, joined Twitter, and caught up all my outstanding messages and emails... what can I say, today The Force was with me ;)

Speaking of the force... I watched one of the Star Wars movies last night, while trying to keep my knee rested (another saga for another time!), and an amazing quote struck me... Yoda tells Anakin Skywalker that he senses a lot a fear in him, which Anakin downplays and asks, why it would matter. Master Yoda (man... I seriously dig this dude!..) says that it matter all too much:

"Fear leads to anger, anger to hatred, and hatred leads to the dark side and suffering..." Well folks, I just LOVE this...it's true !!!! I guess if we can control the fears that fill every day, maybe the cycle breaks...

I have been thinking about all the creative stuff I love doing, and after much back and forthing (?word), decided that I needed to amalgamate all the bits into one Etsy shop. Each Etsy shop has a different email address linked to it, which quite frankly will kill me.... so I intend to start selling all kinds of stuff as I manage to make it...crochet, knitting, tutorials, woodwork items, jewellry, sewing, embroidery, patchwork, photography etc, etc....anything that strikes my fancy really, on ONE shop :) I would really appreciate some feedback on this idea... :)

Fabric and Crochet Heart Tutorial: Part 3

This is the third and last part of this tutorial, just a quick show on how to crochet a scalloped edge onto the fabric heart. This will look nice if it is for a little girl etc, but I actually prefer it quite plain...whatever rocks your boat... :)

Step 1. Ok, I have subsequently changed my mind and decided to use a size 3.5mm crochet hook, instead of 3.75mm. Just looks a bit neater all round...

Step 2. Start with a slip knot. If you are not sure how to do this, you can look back at the crochet tutorials.

Step 3. At the point of the heart, insert your hook into the first backstitch you made in the last post. You are going to work into these backstitches as if they are loops on a previous row of crochet.
You will follow this pattern: Each backstitch : sc, 3dc, sc

Again, the tutorials for sc and dc stitch creation are listed on the side of my blog as stand alone pages...looky see !

Step 4. SC as follows: insert hook, yarn around hook, pull through, yarn around hook, pull through both loops on hook...voila, one sc completed! See the next few pics as illustration.

Step 5. SC completed!

Step 6. Now for the double crochet (dc)... yarn around hook, insert hook through same backstitch loop, yarn around hook, pull yarn through (3 loops on hook), yarn around hook, pull through 2 loops, yarn around hook, pull through last two stitches on hook. Done! Again, some pics below for illustration.

Step 7. DC finished! Well done :)

Step 8. One backstitch completed. I have done sc, 3dc,sc into this loop. Each backstitch loop will have the same set of crocheting.
Continue working all around the heart, into each backstitch loop, until you get back to the point of the heart.

You can now either work your loose tails of yarn into the heart, and hide them, or tie them all in a knot and let them hang down as a tassle.

Some links: this I found really sad (please note it is not for sensitive viewers!!!!!!!), this, I am not sure about... a bit sad and also a bit disturbing, but I guess at least it's about a fairly neutral issue... and this quite heavenly (although somehow I reckon my addictions won't be satiated...) :)

Right! Off to knit...


Mystery toy!

Have a great evening...

Lots of love,

Heidi :)


Linda said...

Oh Heidi, just look at that heart! It is absolutely stunning!

Heidi said...

Thank you my special friend :) You so saved my life this morning...you are so appreciated!!

K said...

Heidi - I find myself wishing we all lived in the same neighborhood. And that I was very rich (not ostentatiously so - just usefully). I'd build a sort of club house in the middle of our neighborhood, a sort of studio we could all just go to for an hour when we liked, everyone coming in and out, and just sit together, looking out at the garden and doing things and talking.

I think that the consolidation of shops is wise. When I go to etsy, I usually pounce, or search by medium or subject (knitted horses quite often). So I end up in shops that sometimes offer a staggering array of different things - and I love that. I'm a scrap quilter, which simply means that I love the juxtaposition of unexpected and surprising things. The combinations that result are often beyond my ability to generate from scratch in my imagination - but they tug me on to new conclusions.

I think you're wonderful to do this blog, and I am going to send my daughter your link. She's really quite a good crochet person, and is always willing to be inspired. And you, Heidi, are pretty inspiring.

Why does the world have to be so big?

Odette said...

Bonjour ma grande (et vielle ;)) soeur! Je suis arrivee! La coeur est tres jolie!

Julie said...

Your finished heart is beautiful! Thank you for all the detailed instruction that went into creating such a lovely tutorial.

Heidi said...

K, wouldn't that be wonderful? We have a knitting group which meets once a week, and I know how much we all enjoy the time spent doing something we love and enjoy, so I can relate to the need for being usefully wealthy! ;) Thank you for taking time to give your thoughts on the Etsy shop, I appreciate your input! And thank you also for the kind compliment...you have really made my day, my friend!! :)) (triple smile)
Have a good and satisfying day today...
Heidi :)

Heidi said...

Julie, thank you for your comment, it's my pleasure! If there is anything you are bit unclear on in any of the tutorials, please let me know, and I will do a follow up post:)
I hope a lovely day for you,
Heidi :)

Heidi said...

Bonjour ma belle soeur!! Merci pour visiter ici! Bonne journee...

S said...

Ahh you are not only a talent but a bit of a computer wiz! how fancy your blog is looking these days!