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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heli Fun!

Hi and happy Wednesday :)

Today is a quick post, as it seems Blogger may still be experiencing some difficulties (?), and my pics have taken forever to upload :(

These are pics taken on a helicopter flight with my dear friend Pete (who is a fantastic pilot). We flew over the Johannesburg area, up to Hartebeespoort Dam.
It was my first heli flight and I was a bit nervous, but enjoyed every minute once I was up in the air! What an experience :) Thank you Pete!

Gorgeous fields of cosmos flowers...growing wild...

Soccer City.

The Johannesburg General Hospital...I spent many loooong years here! Strange to see it from the air!

Hartebeespoort Dam.

Well, tomorrow will have something new...
Sleep well,
Love ,
Heidi :)


Linda said...

This must have been amazing! Wow:)

K said...

My father built an international airport in Dallas, Texas while I was at university. When I went home one Christmas, he had a friend take us on a helicopter ride. It didn't have the scope yours did - what a magnificent view of the country. Ours was short, and he showed off a bit. He flew rather sideways so that I was plastered against the glass wall of the cockpit. That was interesting. Then he all but landed in a farmer's field, where the poor farmer was plowing. he hovered a few inches off the ground, rose, turned sideways again (picture my face smashed nose first against the glass) and rose up in the air very fast. I felt weird for the rest of the day.

But it is fun - so immediate, those birds are. And you pictures are beautiful. Love the saturated colors. And the open land. My heart flies out over it --

Heidi said...

It was my friend! Now Pete has decided that I need (note the word..."need") to do my pilot's license!!!!

Heidi said...

K, you have one seriously talented family!I knwo how you feel about the sudden movement. I was fine throughout the flight, until Pete did a sharp bank to one side, and my stomach pretty much remained neighbours with my left clavicle...and being elevated, decided it didn't want to work for the rest of the day...good organs are so hard to find...

Nicole Vangen said...

What an amazing experience for you!

Thanks for sharing...