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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The tree travels...

Hi my blog friends :)

The Easter Tree has relocated to Linda's house. I have added some more crocheted eggs, and am very, very excited about Linda's addition to come! It is going to be gorgeous... see keep a look-out!

We are still receiving emails for the heart swap! Thank you...we will start pairing participants...
Please, if you would like to join in, send us your email addresses, blog address (if you have one), and postal address as well...

Today has been a bit OTT and I have had most of my next two tutorials prepared, but today just ran away from me....so apologies to all :(

Tomorrow I will post two tutorials to make up for it: A tutorial on how to make a Palm Sunday Fabric Cross (to hold your Palm Sunday palm), as well as a crochet rose that goes with the cross and is super easy to make... so visit tomorrow :)

I am signing out for the evening...
Lots of Love,
Heidi :)


Linda said...

Dear Heidi,
The tree is beautiful and I have finished my addition, I will be posting about it today:) I am looking forward to your tutorials:)

K said...

What happens when odd days become the normal pattern of your life? What do you call them, then, I wonder? The tree is lovely. Now to head to Linda to see the rest. This is fun.