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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank you!

Well....I can officially say that I have had the best day yesterday! I was so blessed and spoiled by my dearest friends, thank you Pete and Lans, Heinrich and Mandy, Linda and her family, Carla, my family and all the others... and most of all to my precious husband and girls .... :) Love you all...

I hope the blocks are coming along allright, I will give a day or two before doing the next step...gives you all time to be ready with all the blocks...

On another note... I am sooooo excited...can't wait for it this weekend...check it out my friends! I am taking the girls :)

Have a good day :)

Lots of Love,

Heidi :)


S said...

Hi Heidi, i hope you don't mind me asking...how old are your girls? My big girl is nearly 9 and i am struggling with the should i take her to see Alice in Wonderland or not. I have heard it is very dark and not actually an all round childrens movie.. would you mind letting me know your opinion when you haev seen it? thank you. S

Heidi said...

Hi S, sorry I took so long to get back to you...I absolutely don't mind you asking :) My oldest is 13 in a couple of weeks, and the little one is 9 years old. They went to watch the movie with their dad, so i haven't seen it first hand...but Gerry said that he didn't think it would be too bad for the majority of kids aged 9. We have a rule with our girls; if a scary part comes up or if you think as the watching adult, that something is going to happen that may be a bit dodgy, the kids cover ears and we cover their eyes, until its over. Having said that, we are quite careful about what movies we go and see... Gerry said that the worst/scary bit was the Jabberwocky, but that it didn't worry him enough for the little one, and she is more sensitive than the older...so in a nutshell although I haven't seen it myself, Gerry says most kids shouldn't be phased, he said it was a great movie and really enjoyed it :) I guess you'll have to think about it a bit, and perhaps if you are concerned, go alone first, see it and then decide. It's always difficult because our children are exposed to so much media, at school, mags etc that we can't always know what's going through their little minds. The baby has had no nightmares or any other type of adverse emotion since yesterday, I reckon she's fine! Funny thing, she had nightmares when little after seeing "Land of the Dinosaurs", you know, the animated kiddies videos series !!
No telling....!

Have a great evening,

S said...

thank you Heidi..we are off to see it after lunch. I downloaded the trailer for her and she is keen after watching that so fingers crossed (and fingers crossed her baby sister feeds and or sleeps for the whole movie!):)

S said...

Loved, loved, loved it!
make sure you get to go too, on your own if you have to.